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Go fancy: Nothing says "sophisticated" like smoked salmon. It tops all manner of party fare, makes a big impression. 

The smoked salmon is surrounded by sliced red onions, cucumbers, capers,  and one of our all time favorite staples :  Smoked salmon herb cream cheese. Comes with sliced rye bread or crackers.  Make it your perfect platter for your party, or make it an unforgettable  breakfast or lunch.

  You can choose and pick your perfect platter: Pick a single item or choose a little bit of everything:

Cold Smoked European style Atlantic Salmon

Wild Sockeye Jerky

Smocked Greenland Halibut

12in tray serves  serves 10-12.            $79.99

 16in tray serves serves 14-16.            $109.99

  18in tray serves serves 18-22.            $159.99

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